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Everyone wants to live in a healthy, green and fair world, right? Not only because it’s just nicer but also because we all want to make a success of our life and you can’t be successful on a failing planet. It is all tied together. Last few years made it very clear we must act right now. Collaborate. Come up with clever solutions and projects that will serve our planet. Help build a world with more empathy. For each other, the planet and everything on it.


I have made it my mission to make that happen.
I am Jasmijn Andringa.


Some people call me a creative strategist, others a sustainability creative, social entrepreneur, creative producer or project coordinator. I have not found a good description yet. But what I do is,
I build projects for a better world and can help you build yours.


In 2007, I founded a foundation called Nobel; a non-profit advertising agency with profit for society. With 10 heavy-duty people from advertising and media, we developed creative projects in order to tackle certain issues in society. Want an example? See here our ‘Red Rail’ fashion show. The clothes could only be purchased with blood. Not with money. It was meant to do something about the imminent shortage of blood donors by bringing the act of giving blood within the frame of reference of youngsters.


After a few years, I founded Table of 10. A project with which we helped NGO’s find answers to complex questions. We invited the most clever, nice, creative and smart makers and thinkers around a dinner table and moved them towards creating solutions and concepts that would help these organisations with their efforts to make a positive change. We have now shifted our focus to businesses. To help them with their positive impact projects and policies.


I taught concept developing and strategy to advertising students on Artemis and WDKA and worked for many different organisations that hired me to help them with their communication, develop social or sustainability concepts or create and produce campaigns and events.


Now, I would love to work with you! Please get in touch so we can bind forces and get things done. For us, your organisation, your community, your city, country, our planet, our future…


I had the pleasure working with organisations like: Lots of Lesvos, Stichting DOEN, gemeente Amsterdam, Verbonden, ministerie VWS, Rambler, CARE + H&M foundation,  Dance4life, Resto van harte, Alles is Gezondheid, Whocares, Hulplawine, Sevagram, Sunset, Heineken , WDKA, Artemis
…and others.

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